Our mission is to inspire people to achieve optimal health and wellness.
Because the more people who experience optimal health and wellness – as more people living conscious fulfilling lives increases – a greater impact on the world is possible. 

Our style of Physiotherapy…

We are proactive clinicians.

We prefer not to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff!

Working with beautiful people with injuries sure makes you grateful for your health and wellness. Injuries vary in severity and peoples’ experience to pain differs in so many ways but regardless of the type of injury one thing is certain –  the impact on YOUR life is huge. We love getting people out of pain and back to full force and we also really LOVE to work with you before your body tells you there is something wrong.

Have you ever thought about how marvelous your body actually is? – take a minor injury for example (most people have had one). You’re system tells you to avoid stressing the injured area because we’re wired to self preserve; to survive at all costs. You develop what we call a compensatory pattern. Now if left unchecked, it will continue despite not serving a purpose anymore and become dysfunctional (no-one likes the sound of that!)…and then pain is the last thing to show up. Which is when we hear the words “it (pain) came on for no reason.”

Whether it’s pain management and rehabilitation from an acute injury like a sprained ankle, lower back injury, or management of chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue, diabetes or heart disease – an Evolve physiotherapist can help.  Where we shine is in the area of accurate diagnosis. This is because Evolve physiotherapists are exceptionally trained in the worlds leading systems and techniques including: McKenzie MDT, FMS, SFMA, YBT and Neurokinetic therapy. We are also NZ’s host to these international leaders! We are leaders in exercise prescription and corrective exercises along the neurodevelopmental pathway which facilitates a full recovery.

Contact us and let’s have a chat about:

  • how we may be able to help you avoid surgery
  • pain management
  • minimising your risk of future injury
  • assistance in managing acute and chronic conditions and activity limitations
  • education and advice for health promotion and improving sports and daily performance
  • injury rehabilitation and the effects of disease or disability with therapeutic exercise programs

Evolve physiotherapists are holistic healers.

What to expect

We pride ourselves on personal one on one treatment sessions focusing on the actual source rather than the symptoms, reducing your pain, and improving the functional strength and the total wellness of your body.  Our philosophy emphasises direct treatment time with our skilled physiotherapists to get the most out of each and every visit. We customize our treatment programs after a thorough evaluation which we have found is only achieved with hour long consultations. Our therapists take the time to treat you and develop a plan for sustainable outcomes to reach your goals and achieve a new level of wellness.  Longer appointment times also allow us to ensure you receive better education, more comprehensive manual treatments, and supervised movement prescription (the most important part of recovery!) to make sure you get it done, and get it done right!

The frequency and content of physiotherapy treatment sessions will vary depending on your initial assessment and severity of your presenting injury.  Most commonly patients will start treatment at a frequency of two times per week for 4 weeks, with the goal directed towards independence and return to pre-injury function.  Movement screening is part of this process and allows us to accurately determine your readiness to return to sport and/or daily activities. With this true holistic approach to your injury – expect to feel better than you have in years.

*A referral is not required to start physiotherapy treatment, simply call us to book an appointment 

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ACC 60min Initial consult and followups



NB: ANF discs additional cost

ACC 30min follow up session


NB: ANF discs additional cost

Private therapy sessions

Musculoskeletal sessions:

60min Inital consult and follow ups $225

30min Followup $120


Holistic therapy sessions:

60min Inital consult and follow ups $250

30min Followup $140

NB: ANF discs additional cost